Understanding HDMI Alt Mode and MHL: Connecting Your Phone to a Display

Understanding HDMI Alt Mode and MHL: Connecting Your Phone to a Display



Want to connect your phone to a TV or monitor?
This post explores two standards: HDMI Alt Mode and MHL.

HDMI Alt Mode uses your phone's USB-C port to directly transmit HDMI signals, requiring just one cable. It's often found on newer phone models.

MHL, commonly used with older phones,may need adapters and can also charge your phone while connected. Not sure if your phone is compatible?

We recommend the Checker for Type-C Video App for HDMI Alt Mode and the MHL Checker App for MHL support. These free Android apps test your phone's capabilities, helping you avoid purchasing unnecessary cables.

Remember, not all USB-C phones support these standards, so always check before you buy!

HDMI Alt Mode and MHL

HDMI Alt Mode and MHL


This blog provides a helpful introduction to both HDMI Alt Mode and MHL, two standards that enable you to connect your mobile phone to a larger display like a TV or monitor. While they achieve a similar outcome, they work in slightly different ways and have varying compatibility.

HDMI Alt Mode:


This utilizes the USB Type-C connector on your phone to directly deliver HDMI signals.

It essentially transforms your USB-C port into an HDMI port, allowing you to use a single cable for both video and audio transmission.

This eliminates the need for adapters or dongles.

Newer phone models are more likely to support HDMI Alt Mode.

refer to: What is HDMI? # https://hdmi.org/blog/index

MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link):


This is another standard that allows for mobile-to-display connection, often used with older phone models.

It may require specific adapters or cables depending on your phone and display.

MHL also supports charging your phone while connected to the display.

refer to: What is MHL? # https://www.mhltech.org/

How to Check if Your Phone is Compatible:


The blog recommends two methods for checking compatibility:

Checker for Type-C Video App:

This free Android app helps determine if your phone supports HDMI Alt Mode by directly testing its capabilities.


Checker for Type-C Video Appsupports HDMI Alt Mode


MHL Checker App:


Similarly, this Android app checks if your phone supports MHL connection.


MHL Checker App:supports MHL connection.

Testing Compatibility with Apps and Physical Connection:


The video demonstrates using both the Checker for Type-C Video App and the MHL Checker App to test compatibility on two different phone models.

The results show that one phone supports USB Type-C to HDMI video transmission, while the other does not support MHL.

A physical connection test confirms these findings.


Additional Considerations:


It's important to note that not all phones with USB-C ports support HDMI Alt Mode or MHL. Always check compatibility before making a purchase.

The blog demonstrates testing with two specific phone models and the results may vary depending on your device.


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