[Solved] USB C to HDMI Adapter Cable Not Working

[Solved] USB C to HDMI Adapter Cable Not Working

USB-C to HDMI Adapter and USB-C to HDMI Cable issues

If you face one of these issue,you can try all the solution as follow until solve the problem you meet.

USB-C to HDMI Adapter and USB-C to HDMI Cable issues

Problem as follow:

  • Can not Recognized and nothing shows up.
  • Can Recognize but Black Screen.
  • Screen always Flicker.
  • Others situation(Such as:no sound from tv, Easily hot to touch, Wifi signal was cut,  drains battery fast, etc.)

    We collect these problems from:
    a - Amazon.com reviews
    b - Reddit(UsbCHardware)
    c - Other top brands forum.

    1.Can not Recognized and nothing shows up.


    First,you need to make sure your USB-C port supplies DP Alt Mode or not.
    Two possible if your display cannot be recognized.
    • Your host device can't supply video out.on the other words, your USB-C output CAN NOT provide native DisplayPort signals.
    • Your USB-C port can supply video out, but there must be errors in the whole connection other than the USB-C port.


      2.Can Recognize but Black Screen.


      First,you need to make sure your USB-C device is all up to date (get the latest drivers).
      This situation often happens when you use the adapter/cable for a while (3-12 months), or immediately appears after you upgrade the system; When upgrading to Windows 10/11,the situation most frequently appears with Windows users.

      For Windows users, if your USB-C to HDMI adapter does not work, the issue maybe connect with dedicated driver.In order to solve this issue,we suggest you update the USB to HDMI driver on the official website.Alternatively, recently installed Windows 10 updates can lead to problems due to random bugs. 
      The problem might also be the hardware itself, which means the adapter itself.


      3.Screen always Flicker.


      You need to try a different cable/adapter.
      If you have DP port in your external display,you can try a USB-C DisplayPort cable.
      As the matter of fact, chances of encountering this issue are more than the rest of the problems. The situation is always ignored by people.However, there will be two reasons causing this happening.
      A. The connection from USB-C to the display has errors. It might be the adapter went down, the HDMI to HDMI cable is not good quality, the HDMI cable length is over 15ft, or the display goes faulty on refreshing rate(without any other connection), and there is appear that the host device (USB-C device) is not working well.

      B. Other connections affected the display, besides USB-C to HDMI. Maybe the power output of the HDMI display causes unusual surge.

      Some people think this issue is Compatibility faulty.But I believe the most significant thing is you need to figure this issue out, get rid of the flickering.

      You need to confirm directly with the USB-C device manufacturer this professional question or try uni quality HDMI to HDMI cable/uni USB C to HDMI Cable for directly connection.


      4.Others situation(Such as:no sound from tv, Easily hot to touch, Wifi signal was cut,  drains battery fast, etc.)


      What you should do first:
      Google the specific steps according to specific issue.

      No sound from tv (Mac)

      No Sound from tv (Win)

      Easily hot to touch (Try to buy another cable)

      Wifi signal was cut (try another cable or connect this cable directly to the host device)

      Drains battery fast (Most helpful one would be to confirm which cause this issue. And make sure you connect your Power cable! )

      Hopefully this article is helpful for you.

      5.Troubleshooting Process


      USB C to HDMI adapters may encounter various issues during use, and this article will provide solutions accordingly. For more details, please refer to 

      [Solved] USB C To HDMI Adapter Cable Not Working ICONTroubleshooting USB C to HDMI Adapter Issues: A Comprehensive Guide

      URL: "https://mokinglobal.com/blogs/hub-adapter-1/solved-usb-c-to-hdmi-adapter-cable-not-working"

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