Mayday, Mayday! MOKiN HDMI/USB-C Fixes Tips

Mayday, Mayday! MOKiN HDMIUSB-C Fixes Tips

1. Introduction


At MOKiN, customer satisfaction and product performance are at the core of everything we do. We strive to provide our users with seamless experiences and efficient workflows. This blog post delves into some common troubleshooting scenarios encountered by MOKiN users in May, offering practical tips and solutions to help you maximize your productivity and avoid unnecessary frustrations.

This May, we tackled some curious cases in the MOKiN universe! From connection conundrums to display dilemmas, our support team helped users navigate through a few unexpected twists. 


2. May's Most Curious Cases


This past month, our support team encountered a few recurring themes:

Question one:

When using the SEDK0701 device with two monitors (HDMI) and two external hard drives (USB 3.0), it works fine, but when plugging the iPad into USB-C, the monitor goes black and says, "No Signal." The LAN worked for a while but then stopped responding. Tried updating it but failed. Computer: HP (ProBook450G8NotebookPC) Monitor: DELL (S2421HSX), iiyama (ProLiteXB2481HSU)

Purchase time: 2019

-Technical team suggestions:

‚φ For the problem of a black screen after connecting to the iPad, consider whether the PD is connected to the power supply and requires an overall link diagram;

‚Ď° If the network port stops responding after working for some time, consider uninstalling the network card driver in the device manager, re-plugging it, and restarting the computer;


Question two:

Product model: MODK1501; the effect has been very good for one month. One day one of the screens went black and since then I can't show both screens at the same time. I have a Mac M1, so I bought your product because it had DisplayLink.

When it works: I have one screen connected to displaylink2 of DP and a second screen connected to HDMI of displaylink1, and both screens show up. There is no problem. One day, while I was working on one of the screens, the screen suddenly went black. I tried replacing the HDMI cable with a DP cable, but nothing changed. My computer recognizes two screens, and the mouse can move on both screens, but one screen is always black. There may be something wrong with your product, or there may be a functional issue since the two screens work independently.

Purchase time: 2020

- Technical team suggestion:

uninstall the driver and reinstall it


Question three:

Product: SEDK1401

Problem: Use the cable purchased from Amazon to connect the product and the device; however, when using the above 2m cable, although it is connected to the MacBook, there is no image on the display. The display will be visible when using a 1m cable. What is the reason?

Purchase time: 2024


- Recommendation from the technical team:

Due to the quality of the cable, the signal loss is large. If the included 1-meter USB-C full-function cable cannot meet the actual needs, it is recommended to purchase it from a merchant with acceptable quality.


Question four:

Connected Dell Inspiron 15 model 3530 with USB-C port; PC did not recognize the device; connected to another computer with an external HDMI monitor, which worked fine on the standard HDMI port on the PC. Are there any drivers that need to be installed? Or solutions.

Purchase time: 2024

- Technical team suggestions:

1. Confirm which version this computer is (the computer port identification is different);

2. If it is a data port, it does not support video output; if it supports DP, connect it, open the display settings, and take an overall connection diagram for processing;


Confirm which version this computerConfirm which version this computer2

Question five:

Computer: Dell Precision 3581 Monitor:

LG LG24MP57VQ2) ViewSonic VA2448-LED uses three monitors, i.e., 2 HDMI and 1 VGA port. The resolution of the HDMI port meets the requirements, but the VGA port cannot exceed 720 and needs to reach 1080. 1080 can only be reached once the HDMI port is disconnected. Is there any solution that allows the VGA port to run at 1080p while still having HDMI connected?

but the VGA port cannot exceed 720 and needs to reach 1080
HDMI connected?

Purchase time: 2023

- Technical team suggestions:

Download the latest iteration package, the customer service team selects the corresponding upgrade program and sends it to the user, allowing the customer to upgrade and then process it."


Question six:

Purchased MOUC0306 and have been having issues with the internet connection for the past few weeks. The device is connected to the customer's network via USB 10/100/1000 LAN and will intermittently disconnect. The customer has confirmed that both the ethernet cable and router are working properly, and the USB backup drive appears to be powered on and lit correctly. Despite troubleshooting, which included restarting the device and replacing the USB-C dual connectors in the port, the connection remained unstable. Computer: MacBook Pro;

Purchase time: 2023;

-Technical team suggestions:

‚φ Consider asking the customer to upgrade the system first to see if it solves the problem;

‚Ď° Ask the customer to pay attention to whether the light of the network port goes out or the network cable is disconnected when the network is disconnected;

‚ĎĘ If you have other double-C computers or the other side, you can also test it;


    3. Empowering Users with Solutions


    At MOKiN, we're dedicated to providing rapid solutions within 24 hours. If you face issues with your MOKiN product, reach out through online chat, email(, or our contact page for immediate assistance. Our customer service and technical teams collaborate to resolve your concerns, with after-sales support stepping in if needed.

    We want to equip you with the tools to tackle any challenge:

    • Self-Help¬†Resources:¬†
    For inquiries that may not find immediate solutions within the forum, we encourage you to dive into the wealth of knowledge hosted on the Mokin Blog. Our blog is a valuable resource for gaining insights into Mokin products and finding resolutions to common hurdles.

    If you run into any challenges with Mokin products or have inquiries, we invite you to explore the Mokin Community Forum. Here, you can connect with fellow Mokin users, exchange insights, and benefit from expert guidance.


    Customer Support Excellence: 
    Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to help. 
    Reach out via email, phone, 


      4. Preventing Future Frustrations


      Let's keep those MOKiN experiences positive:
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      5. Conclusion


      By understanding common troubleshooting scenarios and taking preventative measures, you can maximize your MOKiN experience and enjoy peak productivity. 
      We are committed to continuous improvement and always strive to provide exceptional customer satisfaction. 

       Remember, MOKiN is here to empower your workflow, not hinder it.
      MOKiN, a well-known and extremely professional 3C electronic brand, who engaged in developing and creating various kinds of USB C hub multiport adapters and high-valued USB C docking stations.
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