MacBook Accessories Guide: What to Buy and Why

MacBook Accessories Guide: What to Buy and Why



I've been using MacBook Air for years, starting from the 4 + 128 Air to the M3 16 + 256 Air. When I first bought my MacBook, I didn't know which accessories to get and ended up with some wrong choices. Now, as a seasoned Mac user, I've gathered a lot of experience in selecting MacBook accessories. Here’s a guide to help those who are new to Mac and unsure about what accessories to buy.

The latest Apple MAC purchase and parameters:


The latest Apple MAC purchase and parameters


My Current Setup:


  • MacBook Air (M3)
  • Folding computer stand
  • Computer bag
  • Data cable storage bag
  • Red axis keyboard
  • Silent mouse
  • Mokin docking station
  • Belkin docking station (left at home)
  • Seagate mobile hard drive
  • iKlear cleaning kit
  • AirPods



1. Mobile Hard Drive:


Choosing the right storage size can be tricky. Apple's pricing for storage upgrades is steep. My solution? A docking station plus a mobile hard drive. Store infrequently used large files on the mobile hard drive via the docking station.

Opt for a solid-state drive (SSD), such as an M.2, over a mechanical hard drive. Current assessments indicate that only SSDs match the speed of Mac series storage.

Seagate(1T-4T) is a reliable choice for mobile hard drives, known for its quality and reputation.

Reference data source Backblaze Drive Stats for 2022:

Reference data source MOKIN Drive Stats for 2022
You can also refer to other professional articles, such as using the mobile hard disk as a boot disk, copying macos to it, and starting from the mobile hard disk first every time;

When selecting a hard disk format compatible with both Mac and Windows, exFAT is recommended. However, it's crucial to regularly back up your data, using tools like Mac's Time Machine, as there's a slight risk of file loss.

  • exFAT: This format is ideal for cross-platform file sharing, supporting files up to 16EB. Use Disk Utility on your Mac to format drives larger than 32GB as exFAT.

  • FAT32: Widely compatible with most USB-equipped devices, but lacks security features and restricts file size to 4GB.

  • NTFS: While Macs can read NTFS-formatted drives, they cannot write to them by default. To enable read and write capabilities, consider a third-party solution like Paragon NTFS.

Β 2. Cleaning Kit:


Cleaning your MacBook properly is crucial. Use a lint-free microfiber cloth to avoid damaging the screen. Avoid alcohol as it can harm the screen coating. iKlear is a recommended brand, trusted by Apple and NASA, and it won't damage your MacBook's coatings.


Here are some steps you can take to clean a Mac screen:

1. Shut down and unplug
Make sure your Mac is completely shut down and unplugged from its power source and any other devices.
2. Prepare a cloth
Use a soft, lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth. You can also use the cloth that came with your iMac.
3. Dampen the cloth
For most cleaning, dampen the cloth with water only. For tougher smudges, you can use a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
4. Clean the screen
Apply light pressure and wipe the screen from side to side or in small circles, starting from the center and working outward. You can also use the cloth to clean the exterior of your Mac, including the keyboard.
5. Avoid certain cleaners
Don't use cleaners that contain acetone, ammonia, abrasives, hydrogen peroxide, or window cleaners, household cleaners, or aerosol sprays. You should also avoid spraying cleaner directly onto the screen, as it could drip inside and damage the display.

Β 3. Computer Stand


A folding computer stand is portable and helps reduce neck strain by raising the screen to eye level.

Β Computer Stand

Before purchasing the stand, I spent an afternoon coding with my head down, and my neck felt like it was on the verge of snapping. It was incredibly painful, akin to the soreness you experience after a long drive or a day of intense work.

Since I got the stand, it's been fantastic! My neck hardly ever hurts anymore.Β 


4. Personalization Accessories


Stickers, films, and protective cases not only protect but also personalize your MacBook. (We should opt for high-quality stickers to avoid the hassle of residual glue when it's time to replace them.)

Β Rainbow logo

The "Nums" touchpad keyboard sticker adds a numeric keypad without needing an extra keyboard.

The "Nums" touchpad keyboard

For those who struggle with entering numbers on laptops due to the lack of a numeric keypad, this product offers a perfect solution.

Simply attach it to your touchpad, and it instantly transforms into a numeric keypad without interfering with touchpad functionality.

There's no need to upgrade your computer or purchase an additional keyboard for this feature. I highly recommend it.


5. Computer Bag


Protect your MacBook from scratches and dents with a good quality inner bag or computer bag.

Computer Bag

6. Charger


A multi-port charger is a practical choice for those who need to charge multiple devices. Mokin offers a reliable 3-port charger that works with both Apple and Android devices.

Mokin usb c multiple charger

I selected MOKiN due to its top-tier compatibility, ensuring safe use across a range of devices including Apple and Android. This makes it an ideal choice for those who use both Apple and Android systems.

Mokin 100W Fast Charging Incredible Compatibility

7. Data Cable


Type-C cables are becoming the standard. Ensure you have a good quality Type-C to lighting cable for your MacBook.

USB-C to Lightning Cable


8. Docking Station


A docking station is essential for expanding your MacBook's connectivity options. Choose a reliable brand like Mokin to avoid potential damage to your MacBook.

16-IN-1 Thunderboltβ„’ 4 Dock Triple Display on Windows


Choosing MOKiN's docking station is a smart decision for several reasons:

  1. Security: MOKiN prioritizes the safety of your devices, ensuring that their docking stations are designed to prevent any harm to your hardware.

  2. Smart Current Control: The docking stations feature intelligent control over current output, which helps protect your devices from overloading and potential damage.

  3. Honest Power Ratings: MOKiN is transparent about the power capabilities of their products, avoiding any misleading claims that could lead to issues like motherboard damage.

  4. Broad Compatibility: MOKiN docking stations are compatible with a wide range of devices, including both Apple and Android, making them versatile for users with different tech setups.

  5. High Cost-Effectiveness: With MOKiN, you get a lot of value for your money. The docking stations offer a range of features at a competitive price point.

  6. Versatility Across Scenarios: Whether you're a business professional, a tech expert, working from home, traveling, or a student working on graphics, MOKiN's docking stations are designed to meet the needs of various use cases.

In summary, MOKiN's docking stations provide a secure, reliable, and versatile solution for users across different professions and lifestyles, all while offering excellent value for money.

9. External Monitor


An external 4K monitor enhances your MacBook experience, providing a clearer and more comfortable viewing experience.

10. AirPods


AirPods save time by eliminating the need to untangle headphone cables. Over the lifespan of AirPods, you could save significant time that could be better spent elsewhere.



This guide should help you make informed decisions about which MacBook accessories to invest in. Happy shopping!

MOKiN, a well-known and extremely professional 3C electronic brand, who engaged in developing and creating various kinds of USB C hub multiport adapters and high-valued USB C docking stations.
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