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In modern life, with the increasing needs of tech devices in both work and entertainment, a power bank has played an more and more importnt role in it.

When choosing a good power bank, there are several factors that one should concern, such as charging and recharging rate, capacity, safety and easy carrying.

Nowadays, we are excited to release our new product:
the MOKiN 65W Power Bank, which will fulfill all your requirements.



The MOKiN 65W power bank adopts PD 3.0 Fast charging technology, which makes it recharge your devices as soon as possible and it supports 4 devices charging at the same time, boosting your productivity instantly. It can charge a MacBook Pro 16-inch (2023) in less than 2 hours.

With its real-time LED digital display, you can easily monitor your charging and recharging progress, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Additionally, the MOKiN 65W power bank comes with USB-C and iOS dual cables that can be detached, which can support different types of devices.



Huge Capacity and Fast Charge

The MOKiN fast charging power bank is designed to cater to your busy lifestyle. With a larger capacity of 18400mAh, this battery pack is the ultimate travel and budiness companion for all your devices needs. Comes with a built-in carrying strap for easy portability and is compact and lightweight, ensuring you can be assured of fast charging on-the-go.



Universal Compatibility

The MOKiN 65W power bank can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously, including laptops and smartphones, making it a versatile option for you work and business needs.

Designed with USB-A, USB-C Ooutput and detachable ios output cable, type c output cbale, it is perfectly compatible with your daily and routine use.


Final Words

In conclusion, the MOKiN 65 power bank is a fast-charging, high capacity, and universal compatible power bank.

With this power bank, you will have a uninterrupted digital daily life. For more information of this product, please check our website:

18400mAh 65W Power Bank for Laptop - Learn about MOKiN's fast-charging power bank that offers stable and efficient power supply for laptops.

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