MOKiN 140W Power Bank For Laptop-Charge Your Device Everywhere

MOKiN 140W Power Bank

A power bank has become an essential gadget in our daily life as it provides a convenient way to charge our devices anywhere.
It is like a portable battery, but it offers more than just a battery.

In this blog post, we are excited to introduce our new product category:
the MOKiN 140W Fast Charging Power Bank.
This power bank is multi-functional, safe, high speed two-way charging with 24000mAh larger capacity, which will keep your devices powered all day long, and maybe even for several days.


Fast And Smart Charging Your Devices

Introducing the latest technology in charging - the Ultra-Fast Two-way Charging by MOKiN. With a whopping 140W input/output, these power banks not only charge your devices quickly but also recharge itself at lightning speed.

For instance, it can charge the MacBook Pro 16-inch(2023) in less than 1 hour. And with its 140W USB-C1 input, it can full recharge in a snap with high power adapter.

Besides, keep track of your charging and recharging progress with its clear LCD Smart Digital Display and designed with trickle-charging mode for earbuds and smartwatch.

Say goodbye to dead devices and hello to uninterrupted power supply.

Mokin 140W Power Bank

Large Capacity And Small Volume

The MOKiN 140 power bank impresses with its compact and modern design, which makes it easy to carry around for your travel and business trip.

With larger battery capacity of 24000mAh which provides ample power to your devices for full day energy.

For instance, it can recharge the MacBook Pro 16-inch(2023) 2.7 times, the iPhone 15 Pro Max 5.4 times, or the Nintendo Switch 4 times, satisfying different devices needs for your daily use.

Mokin Fast Charging Power Bank

Universal Compatibility

The MOKiN 140W power bank works perfectly with over 3,000 devices,
from laptops to smartphones, and supports to charge 3 devices simultaneously.

Share your power and share your life with your friends and families.

Mokin 148W Charges 3 Devices

Safe Charging

Equipped with multi-protection design as follow:
over-discharge protection,
battery over-charge protection,
output over-current protection,
output short-circuit protection,
short-circuit protection recovery,
and over-temperature protection functions to ensure 
that your devices in safe use.

MOKiN Safe Charging



In a word, with MOKiN 140W power bank, your can no worry about black out and it is your ideal choice for taking out. 


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