How to Increase Power Bank Battery Life and Charging Efficiency

How to Increase Power Bank Battery Life and Charging Efficiency


What is a power bank? A power bank is a portable device that stores energy in its battery. Power banks are made in various sizes and are typically based on lithium-ion batteries.


The power bank is mainly designed to provide instant power to all your latest gadgets when they run out of power. These portable chargers come in handy when you are on the go, and your smartphone is running low on power. Portable mobile power is very useful for travelers in the absence of wall sockets or other power supplies. Users can make calls, explore the wild, take selfies, capture moments, and enjoy their favorite music as they wish. There is no need to worry about the power of your essentials.


How Does a Power Bank Work

To figure out how a power bank works, familiarize yourself with its structure and circuit part first. A power bank consists of several components, including an input port,  output port, charging circuit, battery, discharging circuit, and indicator lights.


The input port is responsible for replenishing energy from the charger for your power. The charging circuit ensures that the power bank receives the appropriate voltage and current for recharging. The battery serves as the component that stores the energy.

Similarly, the discharging circuit operates to the charging circuit, facilitating the release of stored energy from the battery. The discharging circuit plays a crucial role in regulating the current drawn from the battery. It ensures that the discharge current remains within safe limits to avoid reducing the battery's lifespan. The output port is utilized for juicing various devices and gadgets that are compatible with the power bank. Indicators are additional features to provide visual feedback or monitoring of its status.


Power Bank Maintenance


How long does a power bank charger last? Typically, the average lifespan of a power bank ranges from three to five years. The durability of a power bank is influenced by frequency of usage, device quality, and proper storage practices when not in use.


In order to extend the lifespan of your power bank, certain practices should be performed. We will provide comprehensive guidance on both aspects to ensure you have all the necessary information.

  • Do not use fast chargers: It's best to avoid using fast chargers with your power bank, as power banks have the potential to generate excessive heat, and there is a risk of damaging the battery.

  • Avoid high-temperature storage: Extreme heat or cold can have a detrimental effect on the performance and lifespan of the power bank. It's advisable to store it in a moderate-temperature environment.

  • Don't discharge the power bank totally: It's recommended to drain the power bank's battery partially. Discharging it to 0% frequently can strain the battery and shorten its overall lifespan.

  • Avoid using itin a bag: Using your mobile power in a bag or other confined space can lead to overheating. It is safer to use it outside to allow for proper ventilation.

  • Limit pass-through charging: Pass-through charging means the power bank charges other devices while recharging. This function generates excessive heat and may affect the life span of the mobile power. It is recommended that you limit pass-through charging.

  • Don't fully charge: The power bankshould be charged to around 90 percent for optimal battery performance. Fully recharging it may cause stress.

            It is advised to take proper care of your power bank and improve the charging performance of your power bank. Here are several tips:

            • Use the correct charger: it’s better touse the charger provided or a charger that is compatible with the mobile power. Using an inappropriate charger may result in damage to the power bank.
            • Choose the charging surface: Place the power bank on a stable and flat deskduring charging to prevent accidental falls.
            • Keepuninterrupted: Avoid frequently disconnecting and reconnecting the power bank during the whole charging process.

            • Real-time monitor the status: Most power banks have built-in indicators that display the charging status. Observethese indicators and ensure that the power bank is steadily charging without any issues.
            • Disconnect in time:It is advisable to disconnect the power bank from the power source once it is recharged fully to avoid potential damage.

            Remember to refer to the specific charging instructions provided by the manufacturer of your power bank, as different models may have slight variations in their charging procedures.


            Are Power Banks Allowed on Planes



            Can you take a power bank on a plane? Generally, power banks are allowed on airplanes, provided they satisfy the following conditions:

            • The power bank should be undamaged.
            • Each lithium-ion battery must have a maximum rating of 100Wh or lower.
            • Remove the portable charger from your bag during the security check.
            • The power bank must be designated for personal usage and not intended for sale.
            • If the power bank has a rating ranging from 101 to 160 watt-hours, you have the option to seek airline approval to bring this power bank on board. Remember that you can only carry up to two battery packs of this size on the plane.


            Solar Power Bank


            Portable solar power banks are small and portable battery packs connected to a solar panel, all wrapped in a durable, compact shell. They offer a friendly way to keep your devices juiced up while you're on the go. Most are powerful enough to charge your device two or three times.

            Solar power usually includes batteries and solar panels. Solar power banks have a range of additional features, such as USB output, integrated flashlights, and wireless charging.


            MOKiN Fast Charging Power Bank with Built-in Cable | 18400mAh 65W


            MOKiN Fast Charging Power Bank with Built-in Cable | 18400mAh 65W


            Portable power chargers are a great solution to solve the problem that your smartphone runs out of power. Using a phone charger enables on-the-go charging. The MOKiN 65W Power Bank comes in 4 output ports and charges multiple devices simultaneously.  

            • Rapid power anywhere: Fast-charging with 65W Power Delivery technology, it's ideal for keeping your devices powered up during travel and commuting, perfect for professionals who need a reliable laptop power source. With a total 18400 mAh capacity, it is the ultimate companion for your business travel and adventures.

            • Stay juiced on the go: This 65W portable power bank supports devices from laptops to low-power devices such as headphones. The portable battery charger comes with USB C and iOS cables to ensure you can charge more devices easily without switching cables. The laptop battery power bank also includes a USB-A port and USB-C port for powering convenience. The USB C port and USB C cable can recharge the power bank at 65W or 60W.

            • Long-lasting Battery Life: With 18400mAh of capacity, enjoy several full charges for your device, ensuring you stay connected and productive.

            • Real-time monitoring: Track the status of the laptop power bank through the smart display and monitor the remaining battery life, input, output, and charging capacity.


                  Power banks have become indispensable for individuals who are used to a highly mobile lifestyle. Thanks to innovations in the power bank field, users can now experience faster charging speeds, extended battery life, and better designs.

                  We can anticipate further advancements in power banks in the coming years, encompassing enhanced capacity, accelerated charging capabilities, and advanced safety features. With the increasing demand for portable power, power banks will become more integrated with other devices, offering seamless compatibility and convenience.

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