Gear Up for Black Friday with Mokin: Simplify Your Connections with Incredible Discounts!

Simplify All Connections This Black Friday with Mokin
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Mokin Black Friday Limited Time Discount

This Black Friday, Mokin is committed to "Simplify all connections" by offering phenomenal discounts that you simply can't miss. Our range of MST Hubs, Hub & Adapters, Docking Stations, and USB-C Chargers are all set to go on sale. So, why wait? Dive into our Black Friday special deals and make the most of our state-of-the-art connectivity solutions!

Mokin Black Friday Limited Time Discount

MST Hub Series - Simplify Your Workspace


Product Features Discount Code More Info
Mokin 8-in-1 Dual HDMI Adapter Dual HDMI, 8 Ports, 4K support $29.99 25% OFF(Code): UD040925 More
Docking Station Dual Monitor 6-in-1 Functionality, 4K, USB-C $39.98 20% OFF(Code): UD041220 More
USB-C to Dual DisplayPort Dual DP, 5K Support, Compact $35.99 20% OFF(Code): UD070440 More

7 IN 1 USB C to HDMI Adapter

Crystal Clear 4K@60Hz HDMI $27.24 25% OFF(Code): UD290425 More

Hub & Adapter Series - Connect More for Less

Product Features Discount Code More Info
Mokin 6-in-1 MacBook Adapter 6 Ports, HD Output, USB 3.0 19.99$ 25% OFF(Code): UH011625 More

12 IN 1 MacBook Pro Adapter

8 Ports, SD Readers, Ethernet 33.99$ 20% OFF(Code): UH330120 More

6 IN 1 USB-C Adapters for MacBook Pro

Multi-Port, 4K HDMI, Sleek 26.40$ 40% OFF(Code): H0116C40 More



Docking Station Series - Your Desk's Best Friend

Product Features Discount Code More Info
15-in-1 USB-C Laptop Station 15 Ports, 4K Triple Display $96.99 25% Off More
8-in-1 USB-C Docking Station 8 Ports, 4K HDMI, SD Slot $55.19 30% OFF(Code): DK170130 More
DisplayLink Docking Station Universal Compatibility, HD $199.99 30% OFF(Code): DK110230 More

USB C Charger Series - Power Up with Mokin

Product Features Discount Code More Info
100W USB-C GaN Charger High Power, Fast Charging $59.99 20% OFF(Code): PA020420 More
67W GaN USB-C Wall Charger Foldable, Compact, Travel-Friendly $29.99 15% OFF(Code): PA011015 More

 140W GaN Charger

Charge the 16-inch MacBook Pro to 56% in 30 minutes $89.99 30% OFF(Code): PA070130 More


Make the connection this Black Friday with Mokin's state-of-the-art technology. Your devices deserve the best, and our deals are here to ensure they get it. Happy shopping!