The Steam Deck Functions More Than Possibly Imagined

Mokin Steam Deck Dock


The Steam Deck Dock is the latest great handheld gaming. It is not only handheld gaming but also a docking station. Our designed thinking is adding flexibility when you play games and allows Steam Deck to connect to a variety of peripherals.

Steam Deck Ports

Have all functions of the docking station: usually including display interface (HDMI&DisplayPort), 3.1 10Gbps USB Data Ports, and PD 3.0 Charing Port, etc. Due to the love of the people, become the king of portable gaming at present.

(HDMI&DisplayPort), 3.1 10Gbps USB Data Ports, and PD 3.0 Charing Port, etc.

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Game lovers must-have:

Connect an external monitor, providing you sharper and smoother visual experience, so you can enjoy the visual feast on your games.

Fast Charging port:

Supports 100W Max power delivery, but the MAX charging speed of Steam Deck is 45W.

USB 3.1 Data Port & Gigabit Ethernet:

Designed 3*USB 10Gbps ports and 1000M Ethernet port to download the large games, as well as provide a faster and more stable game experience.

Perfect Combination:

MOKiN Docking Station for Steam Deck combines the function of hub and stand. Keeps your desktop neat and organized.

More feature are as follows:

Most important is that this product has a cooling function to avoid the product easier being hot when you play games or use it.

Mini Size & portable means that you can carry it in your bag anytime and where you go.

Mini Size & portable means that you can carry it in your bag anytime and where you go

Although it had many functions, the price is also can accept for you. As we all know, you maybe need to spend an expensive price to purchase the docking station; the docking station price is usually will higher than this product. Compare with them, you can recognize that the best select is Steam Deck.

For example: Mokin 15 In 1 Docking Station With Dual/Triple Display

This docking station price is $99.99 ; And the Steam Deck only need $49.99.

Steam Deck:Mokin 7 In 1 Dual Monitor Docking Station For Steam Deck

You also can learn more about that 👇👇👇

MOKiN 6 in 1 Docking Station Compatible with Steam Deck

The obvious that you can purchase two Steam Deck at the same price.

All in all, purchase any items based on all your need.


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MOKiN, a well-known and extremely professional 3C electronic brand, who engaged in developing and creating various kinds of USB C hub multiport adapters and high-valued USB C docking stations.
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