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Mokin 8 IN 1 Multi Monitor Adapter with 2 DP

Mokin 8 IN 1 USB C Docking Station Dual DisplayPort

$39.98 USD
Note - If you Windws laptop is with DP1.2 : The resolution and refresh rate will be: Extend one monitor(DP1/HDMI) : 4K@60Hz Extend 2 monitors(DP1 + DP2/HDMI): 4K@30Hz + 4K@30Hz...

FAQ About MST Hub

Q: What is MST, and how does it work with this hub?
Q: What is the maximum resolution my MST Hub can handle, and will I need to install any special drivers or software to get it working?
Q: How does this USB-C MST Hub handle audio output when connecting to multiple monitors, and can it support separate audio channels for each display?
Q: Can this USB-C MST Hub be daisy-chained with other display adapters to further expand the number of monitors connected to my laptop?
Q: Does this USB-C MST Hub support the use of a single USB-C cable for data, video, and power delivery to my laptop, simplifying my workstation setup?
Q: Is this USB-C MST Hub compatible with laptops that have USB-C ports but do not support DisplayPort Alt Mode?