5 in 1 USB-C hub with charging for devices

  • I've just purchased a Mokin 5-IN-1 10Gbps USB C To USB C Hub. It's great! Well made, looks good, has a really good length of attached cable. Wonderful.


    "The 4 downstream USB-C ports are not with charging protocol. It is ONLY suitable for data transmission even PD charger is connected."

    That's from the manual that comes with the unit, yes I RTFM.

    Please, please, could Mokin do a version that DOES support the charging protocol on ALL the USB-C port.

    Ideally I'd like a USB-C hub that I can plug up to 4  iPadPro into so that they all charge and all have the data connection to the attached laptop. If an external PSU input is required for that, no problem, and if I have to use another PSU to charge my laptop on another USB-C then also not a problem.




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