New Mokin USB-C docking station not recognizing HDMI ports.

  • Recently purchased a new Mokin USB-C docking station, the HDMI ports will not work. The usb receiver for my mouse and keyboard does work with the docking station but the HDMI ports. I pushed out Windows updates, installed the driver from the site: Solved the product problems you meet (Mokin Driver Download) ( but still have the same issues. I didn't see the driver for the Mokin 8 in 1 docking station driver. I had uninstalled the driver and restarted the computer but the same issue still exists. Graphic cards and BIOS is up to date.  Currenlty on Windows 11 and using a HP laptop. 

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    Hi @Angela Hernandez

    Please provide the product model and SN.

  • Exactly the same, usb ports work but the HDMI does not on a brand new MOUC5705 2320.

    The reason is my USB C port does not support display... (USB C / USB SS)

  • The same just started happening with me. MODK1001 SN 2228. Using Dell laptop. Windows 11 and two HP Pavilion 27xw Screens. 

    I have been using this for the last 9 months without a problem and all of a sudden the two HDMI don't connect.  The C portion that charges the laptop work, the USB drives in the front work but the screens don't.   I tested each screen indiviudally by plugging them directly to the laptop and they both worked. 

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    Hello, @Ario K


    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
    Sorry, this USB C Docking Station may not be able to work with your laptop because you said your laptop's USB C port does not support display output.

    For HDMI functionality, this adapter can only be used with devices that have charging, data transfer, and video transfer capabilities on USB C type ports.
    And it does not support switching through other adapters because the video output function depends on the laptop. The adapter is just a medium that can only be realized if the laptop supports it.

    Do you have another laptop you can use?
    If not, we can help you get a refund.
    You can contact our after-sales email (

    Have a nice day!
    MOKIN Support

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    Hi, @James Morris 

    We apologize for all the inconvenience this adapter has caused.

    ① To confirm with you, Also do you have any other HDMI cable, if it's convenient, can you change the HDMI cable to test if the monitor connected via HDMI can display.
    ② Do you have a type-C port (can support video transmission) mobile phones, tablets or other computers. To find out the problem as soon as possible, can you cross test it? Check if both HDMI ports work.

    If it still doesn't work after testing, you can contact our after-sales email (, we will respect your wishes to give you a refund or a replacement.

    Thanks for your understanding and support!
    MOKIN Support

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