What should I do if my laptop/tablet charges slowly via the hub's PD port?

  • If your connected devices are charging slowly through the hub’s PD port, it may be due to an issue with the connected laptop, the device you’re charging, the charger and charging cable, or the hub itself.

    Here are some troubleshooting tips that may help you identify and resolve the problem.

    For laptops:

    ● If your connected laptop needs more power for charging than the maximum output of our hub, then the device will be charged slowly.

    ● Try this hub with a different laptop to see whether your device can be charged.


    For devices being charged:

    ● Confirm whether the device can be charged normally without the hub.

    ● Try charging a different device to see whether it can be charged normally.


    For chargers and charging cables:

    ● Confirm whether the charger and cable have sufficient power needed for a full charge.

    ● Try using a more powerful charger and charging cable.


    For the hub:

    Check if the hub's LED light is on. If it is not, the hub may be defective.



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  • I'm using MODK1402 with LG Gram pro 16 inch laptop. The charging able, charger all works fine to charge laptop above 60 watt to around 99 watt without hub, however, when charged through hub, it get stuck around 50 watt, and windows sends low power charging alert. What can I do?

  • Hi @Minjoong Kim,

    To better and quickly solve the problem, please provide the information as follows:

    1) It is recommended to use the original charger.
    2) Provide the brand and model of the currently abnormal charger. Please take a photo of the parameter page.
    3) Provide a complete connection diagram to check if there is any problem with the connection.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards


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