USB c Hub performance issue

  • when my laptop is connected to the hub the laptop will take 3 minutes to show the bootup logo, when there is not hub it boot up within 30 sec.  Connecting a 3.x thumb drive 512GB when extracting the data it will slow down the laptop to the point the entire screen will not move. anybody had seen this issue ? 

  • Hello @george yeh

    Sorry this happened, in order to better solve your problem,could you please provide the following information:
    ❶Could you provide your detailed laptop model?
    Such as: HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1
    ❷Could you provide the product model and SN number?

    Looking forward to your reply!

  • Hi,

    I also have the problem that my HP laptop does not seem to boot if my Mokin 9-in-1 usb-c hub (MOUC0304) is connected to it (I have never tried to wait for 3 minutes to see if it eventually boots).

    My laptop is an HP Elitebook 855 G7.

    My laptop is powered through a separate power supply (not through the hub). On the hub I have 3 USB-A devices & a DP display.

    My current work-around is to disconnect the hub from my laptop whenever I want to boot up the laptop, but that is not very practical...

    Please help...




  • @Piet Van den Abeele 


    Please try to open the bios settings and start the hard drive.

    Having any problems, please contact us in time.

    Best regards

    MOKIN Support

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