Mokin 11 IN 1 Docking Station Dual Monitor

$48.99 $69.99
  • Docking Station 3 Monitors
  • Up to 10Gbps Fast Data Transfer
  • Up to 100W Fast PD Charging
  • 1000MB/s RJ45 Port & 3.5mm Audio Mic Jack

Product Features

Mokin 11 IN 1 Docking Station Dual Monitor
Mokin 11 IN 1 Docking Station Dual Monitor
About Multiple Monitors Using

Docking Station 3 Monitors

  • For Windows

Mirror Mode: AA, AAA, AAAA


  • For Mac Os

Mirror Mode: AA, AAA, AAAA

Extend Mode : AB, ABB, ABBB

Mokin 11 IN 1 Docking Station Dual Monitor

High-speed USB Data Transfer

Equipped with 3 USB 3.1 ports (up to 10Gbps), the docking station can connect smartphones, tablet, and hard drives for quick data transfer. And 2 USB 2.0 ports (up to 480Mbps) are used for connecting a keyboard or mouse.

Mokin 11 IN 1 Docking Station Dual Monitor

Quick Charging

This docking station with a PD 3.0 port supports 100W pass-through fast charging. The docking station itself occupies 13W to operate and the laptop is charged at 87W. Get a powerful charge for your laptop easily.

Mokin 11 IN 1 Docking Station Dual Monitor

1000MB/s RJ45 Port & 3.5mm Audio Mic Jack

This Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet supports 1000MB/s network transmission and 3.5mm Audio & Mic Jack

What You Get: MOKiN 11-in-1 USB C Docking Station, user manual, and our friendly customer service.


Q1: Why is there no video output?

A: 1. Pls make sure your USB-C source devices support video output, if the type of the built-in USB C port of your laptop isn't the Fully Funcitonal port, then the HDMI,VGA, 3.5mm Jack of the hub doen't work for your laptop.
2. Pls check the connection is good.
3. Pls use standard HDMI cable.

Q2: Sometimes WiFi stopped working while hard disk connected to hub, how to do?

A: 2.4G network is easily disturbed. You can switch to 5G network. Or you can adjust the placement of the hard disk, move to suitable place.

Q3: Win10 system, if one of display does not display, how to do?

A: Right click desktop > Graphics Settings > Select One or More Active Displays.

Q4: If USB driver cannot be identified, how to do?

A: 1. Please confirm your laptop’s USB Type C port supports ‘DisplayPort Alt Mode’ and ‘Power Delivery’.
2. Make sure you have downloaded/updated the DisplayLink driver to the latest version.
3. Note: If you use the USB C female to USB A male adapter to connect the docking station to laptop or if your laptop has a USB C 3.1 Gen 1 port, the HDMI 1 port will not work.

Q5: If speed is too slow when connect hard disk, how to do?

A: 1. Plug and pull out for more times.
2.Restart the computer and reconnect the hard disk.

Q6: If display stopped after connect high current hard disk, how to do?

A: Must be charged. Please supply power by power adapter.

Q7: Why I can't charge my Dell/HP Laptop with the usb c charging port of this usb c docking staion?

A: The USB C Power Charging function of our docking staion doesn't works for laptop own a AC charging adapter. Those Laptop (Dell/HP/ThinkPad...) do not allow 3rd party charger to charge their laptop in other ways.

Q8: Why is the screen sometimes black?

A: The reason why the screen is black is that the power consumption of the docking station is too high, so you need to charge the laptop through the charging port on the docking station, so you can solve the problem of black screen of the display.

Q9: How many monitors can extend for Steam Deck?

A: For Steam Deck, only can extend one monitor.