Do you still tired of the lack of ports shortage?The USB C Hub or Docking Station can solve the problem for you. 

Let’s Learn more about“What is the difference between them?”

Differences Between USB-C Hubs And Docking Stations

USB C Hub —Can increase the number of USB ports. It not only allows connecting USB-A peripherals but also can connect to HDMI, SD/TF Card Reader and power delivery, etc.

Docking Station —Connect your laptop, smartphone, and multiple peripherals Equipment.Meet the needs of a resource - intensive situation.

The Difference As Follows

  • Charging and Power Supply
  • Screen Expansion
  • How to select them

Charging and Power Supply

Some of the hubs do not support charging. As the matter of fact, they can get the energy from the laptop they connect. The hubs belong to Pass-through charging, it allows you to connect the laptop's charger to the hub when the hub is connected to your laptop.It means that you can charge the laptop when you use the hub.

Mokin Steam Deck
Mokin USB C Hub

Docking Station
Docking Station comes with an included AC/DC power adapter. As long as they plug into the wall, you can connect the laptop to the docking station to get a powerful charge. 

All in All,The docking station is charged faster than the USB C Hub. Docking Station is all-in-one, you can charge the phone or using other ports charge another mobile device at the same time.

Screen Expansion

USB C hubs - support dual screen expansion(mirror or expand your display to up to 2 monitors). 

Mokin  USB C Hub

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Docking stations- support 3 screen expansion(mirror or expand your screen to up to 3 monitors)

How to select them

USB C Hubs are small and easy to carry where you go.

In this situation the USB C hub may be your best option. Using the same laptop at home or work.Because they are Small & lightweight, can be carried in your bag or in a drawer to be used whenever or wherever you need.

For Example:MOKiN 6 In 2 Adapter For MacBook Pro/Air

It can clip onto your MacBook, which not only saves space but also offers easy portability.

MOKiN 6 In 2 Adapter

Compare with USB C Hub, the Docking station is larger & suitable for professionals

In this situation, you should get the docking station rather than the USB C Hub. If fixing it at same place at your home or desk at work. Of course, You also can unplug your laptop when you need to move them and go back to the docking station when you need to use it again.

Docking Station Advantage:Can support connect up to 3 external monitors & A single screen support a maximum 8K resolution.And More ports than USB C Hub.

Docking Station Disadvantage:Heavier & larger;Due to come with fairly hefty power brick,it is not practical to carry around you wherever.

At price,docking station will expensive than ordinary USB C Hub due to their higer specification.

All in all,if you requires multiple-monitor,need to transfers large file regularly and can put in on same place.The docking station is your best choice.

Mokin 15 in 1 Docking Station

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